Wood Chipper RM 51



Wood Chipper RМ 51 is adapted to be used with a tractor, in which the power take-off shaft serves as a drive for the chipper disk. This universal machine, which allows to process wood waste into technological and combustible splinter, is characterized by the low cost price, and it can easily change the working area due to the ability of possible simultaneous usage with tractor.

Advantages of the chippers of RМ 51 model

  • Construction rules out possibilities of disk rupture
  • Fastening of the knives improves the wood delivery and reduce the disk friction
  • Disk clutch allows to recalibrate the machine to the necessary fraction
  • Labyrinth sealing prevents from the material reeling on the shaft
  • Disk has the anti-jamming system
  • Diffractional clutch on the cardan
  • Roller direct drive guarantees easiness in maintenance
  • Control process of the delivery system is easy and comfortable
  • Compact and powerful delivery roller drive does not need the oil change and guarantees the regular system functioning under various conditions
  • Delivery system bunker table can be easily and rapidly transformed into the transportable and operating position